March 28 2015: One Year + Another Year After Promised Updates

I actually completely forgot that I still had this site functioning.  I was quite surprised with some of the feedback and amount of people that actually have seen some of the things I threw together when I first started this site.  Now, I have decided to begin putting some more effort, and more resources into this site.   I would like to begin doing a podcast, more articles, and opinion piece videos.   The article format I would like to write things in now, I would have to say would be more formal.  Meaning, that I will do my best to remove all of the first person , and make things as factual as I possibly can.  I could revise some of my old articles, but out of laziness, I probably won’t do that.  I suppose I am more focused in the here and today, rather than obsessing about a couple of years ago.  Anyways, more to come soon!


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