Month: March 2015

Decriminalization of Cannabis: End to Canada’s War on Weed


NOTE: “This was my first argumentative essay I wrote for my Grade 12 Law class.  It was a legal analysis of the possibility of decriminalizing cannabis, and I simply argued the benefits for decriminalizing cannabis.  Of course, I royally fucked up by not including citations.  Though, despite that, and perhaps a few other errors I did not account for.  This argument I think is pretty good.  I derived a lot of quotes and statistics, something I didn’t do very much for my second argumentative essay, and simply because it just takes away from the evidence.  On this site, my objective is to write more of my articles in essay format. But hopefully this is intriguing to some out there.”



Canadian Law & The Internet: The Game Changer


NOTE: “The following is an excerpt/ direct copy for a legal analysis I did for my Law class back in high school.  I wrote this only about 9-10 months ago, so all of the information in this preceded the current revelations that have unfolded about FCC approving net-neutrality, and Bill C-51.  The format of this piece was much different and was far more formal than any of the work I have done on this site.  No flashy pictures or videos are included in this piece, all of my sources are cited below.  This was my second/final argumentative essay I wrote in that class, really enjoyed it, and miss it actually.  Though hopefully maybe my insights on the analysis of Canadian Law in regards to the internet maybe be fascinating.  Anyways, take it easy.” 


March 28 2015: One Year + Another Year After Promised Updates

I actually completely forgot that I still had this site functioning.  I was quite surprised with some of the feedback and amount of people that actually have seen some of the things I threw together when I first started this site.  Now, I have decided to begin putting some more effort, and more resources into this site.   I would like to begin doing a podcast, more articles, and opinion piece videos.   The article format I would like to write things in now, I would have to say would be more formal.  Meaning, that I will do my best to remove all of the first person , and make things as factual as I possibly can.  I could revise some of my old articles, but out of laziness, I probably won’t do that.  I suppose I am more focused in the here and today, rather than obsessing about a couple of years ago.  Anyways, more to come soon!