Update! 04/03/2014

It has been a while since I have even made a single post on this.  Where does the time go?  I digress though, I have made the decision to start re-engaging in this type of content.  So I have some plans for some posts I would like to make in a considerable amount of time.  Not this months of disappearance nonsense.  I am going to start covering more in regards of Canadian policies, and especially ridiculous notions that I cannot agree with.  As well I am going to start covering the following issues.

–  Drug War

–  War against Cannabis

–  Prime Minister Harper’s Economic Policies

–  Canada’s History of Genocide

–  Ukraine Situation

–  Creationism Verses Logic

–  Nuclear Fusion “Road to Alternative Energy”

– Tesla Free Energy

How come am I taking the approach to no longer to expose and debunk individuals?  For now the focus is to try to expose the assholes who ruined, and are ruining Canada as well as the globe.  As much as I would like to cover about the United States, I am going to have to start covering things in regards to my nation.  This is because there is already a exponentially large amount of people covering issues in regards of the United States.  As well more relevant issues to me personally would be a refresher.   I know that there isn’t all Canadian related things strictly, but again variety is the spice of life.  But I am going to emphasize that much more than of American issues. 


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