The Boston Bombing

  The Boston bombings that occurred one week ago on April 15 2013. These bombings have been incredibly suspicious, and are very fishy to me.  I don’t know if it is the mini skeptic that lives with in me.  Or if it is the overwhelming bullshit that has been thrown out the past week.  That is really starting to make me wonder more and more about these events.  Drastic, and traumatic as these acts of “terror” are to most.  I am almost starting to wonder how come such diversions are set forth on the oddest days.  Ironically the 15th of April was also dramatic for the finical world.   Apparently the 15th of April, the Dow Jones Industrial average dropped 265 points.  Major commodities also dropped drastic percentages that day also.

(These sources may provide a bit of incite)–finance.html /Stock_Market_Today__April_15,_2013.aspx

When a “terrorist” event occurs, their is some serious action going on in the economy.  So can these “terrorist” attacks be some diversionary tactic from the serious woes our economy faces?

Now I hate to cite the Jones as a source.  Though I would like to state very quickly that I am using this video to show a segment of a very interesting press conference I’ve seen earlier.

(SKIP TO 2:25-2:38) For the false flag question, and odd response

(2:38-3:58)  For the remaining bit of questioning that was ignored.

A strange occurrence that also trends while one of these events occur, that there is a drill that takes place.  On the same day of the attack.  Coincidence?  I think not.

(Screenshot of the Boston Globe Twitter Page)


Now I found a thread regarding the bombing that links National Guard CST.

This is all verifiable and can prove with out a doubt there was a drill occurring on the same day of the attack.

These are the things that make me a little bit suspicious of the whole affair.  It doesn’t necessarily mean that it is a defiant false flag.  Though has the odor of a false flag event.  I believe in the principle stated in the best charter on the planet, the Canadian Charter Of Rights and Freedoms.  Section 11d states the following, “any person charged with an offense has the right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty according to law in a fair and public hearing by an independent and impartial tribunal.”  So until I see verifiable evidence in court that Tamerlan Tsarnaev and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev are guilty, I am not going to point fingers.  We should all remember that these men are “suspected” to be affiliated with the attack.

(The mother stating that the FBI possibly set the suspected bombers up)

(Mother and Father also speak about a possible set up)

Either way I believe that once there is a trial for the suspected Boston bomber.  That a presumption of innocence should be given instead of the presumption of guilt.  So that the trial would be unbiased and as truth worthy as possible.  Also the trial should be open to the public, and investigative report should also be open to the public.  This is to avoid possible distortion of the truth.   All I want is the truth, and nothing but the truth.  False flag or not, that is for the people and the courts to decide.


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