Open Letter To Disney Regarding The Star Wars Francise

Hello corporate faceless entity that represents the interests of economic prosperity.   I am here today to send an open letter, regarding the Star Wars franchise being bought out by you guys.  Since this is long overdue, I am going to just get into what I have to say.   Many people love and respect the Star Wars franchise.  It has inspired generations of youth, especially myself into becoming creative.  It has also inspired many to becoming fascinated in the art of film making and writing.    Today I am going to share an example, to state my reasoning.

This is one of the most famous scenes in the Star Wars films.  The first duel between Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker.

I am sharing this clip, because it is significant to the Star Wars franchise.   This was before the Star Wars franchise became all about, overly choreographed fight scenes, eye candy, and the use of digital effects in every scene.  This fight indeed shows more essence than faint brutality towards rivals.  This scene shows extreme character development between the main protagonist and antagonist.  This all due to excellent dialogue and body language.   Also because this conflict actually feels  real.   Of course the most famous segment is revelation.  Despite the revelation though, we must remember why that was the most powerful.  That is because of the previous segments that make that work.  I ask this of Disney before they release their new planned trilogy.  Consider the last ass beating Lucas has given to his fan base.   You know that like battered house wives we will go for more.   Please, consider the fan base.  Consider that we trust you won’t abuse us further.  My call to Disney is to consider what made the original trilogy so powerful.  Consider good acting, good and powerful dialogue, flawless story, and most of all creativity.  Don’t put special effects over the good elements that made the originals work.

Consider that Star Wars is for everyone to enjoy.  Even though you own commercial rights to it now.  Please take care of it, and don’t become what Lucas has become.  A shadow of his own personal self, and became more interested in the annual revenue for the next quarter.  Rather than in story and art.    Please don’t put in an over abundance of unnecessary bullshit in these films.  This is the last chance that is being given to the Star Wars franchise.  Please make this one count Disney, and make it what it once was.  An enjoyable gem for generations.  We can easily erase the damage that Lucas has infringed in the prequels.  Prove that the Star Wars franchise can be revived, and be saved once and for all.

Sincerely from life time fan of Star Wars


PS: Find a way to kill Jar-Jar

PSS:Preferably with Lightsaber decapitation.


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