Super Storm Sandy Thoughts

Here are my thoughts on the Super Hurricane Sandy.

Now many people on the Eastern Coast of the United States, and Southern Ontario are aware of this monster of a storm that is brewing and ripping through the region right now.  And I have experienced some issues because of the storm myself.  Not as bad, as the poor people of New York have to deal with.  But some power outage, and high winds 50 & 60 Kilometers or for people who like to go by miles 31-37 Mph.  This storm is still very unlike anything I have seen in recent years,  just the size of this thing is to me fucking crazy to me.  And it is not really very often such a thing sweeps up on such a scale especially.  Very historical storm and unlike anything I have seen in my lifetime.–as-frankenstorm–sandy-bears-down-20121029-28e1a.html

(7:23 AM Weather Network Live)

“The weather network is currently doing a live stream.”

We can also talk about our Mormon magic underwear tycoon friend Mitt Romney, and his platform regarding disaster relief and FEMA.  And how he wants to cut funding for organizations like FEMA.   Honestly America, how can he lead in the Republican poles over Ron Paul.  At this point we all know that Barack Obama, is going very likely win the election.  These Neo-Cons just get more ridiculous as the days go on.  The question is if something like a natural disaster were to occur during Romney’s administration, what is the probability ANY relief will be given?  That is the 500 Million Dollar Question.

“Disturbing Neo-Con logic”

Lets all hope that the after effects of this monstrous storm can be fixed, and any further disaster can be avoided.



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