It has been a while


My apologizes for not being able to post as often as I intend to.  I have just been very busy the last few weeks with some personal life things.


As with the website, how does everyone like the layout to it?  If any modifications you guys want to be made, please inform me so I can get on it asap.  Did any of you guys see Mark Dice’s Alex Jones Hate Week, just previously?

Check this playlist out and it is containing most of Alex Jones videos:

Here is the InfoWHORE yearly money grubing campaign that I feel is absolutely idiotic to donate to.


So far he has collected $86,138 of YOUR hard earned tax payer dollars…

I am also thinking about starting a podcast series soon,  just I am going to give it a little bit longer until more resources are made available for such a platform to exist.  Anyways, thanks for your time and I’ll post back soon.


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