Monsanto: The Apocalypse Of Agriculture

Hello good people I have returned, it has been a little while.  My apologies anyways I have just been preoccupied with things.

But since I have some free time and it is thanks giving weekend I wanted to cover something that is very controversial to cover.  And since I have really wanted to cover this topic for a while in particular I am now going to talk about it.  Since it is thanks giving in Canada today I am going to cover something related to our agriculture.  And a crisis that the vast populace is indeed is facing.  This crisis can be avoided but due to big bank lobbyists and their foothold in our dear society.  We are unfortunately going to face the same fate as those who had been posioned with GMO’s in the past.  My target today is the multinational agriculture giant Monsanto.

“A parody of Green Eggs And Ham that was made by a good friend.”

“Also here is a funny picture that I had abstracted off of Google images you people should check out before we begin.”

Now this question is going to be ask, what is my bone in particular to pick with Monsanto?  Aren’t they helping the world out by inventing new ways to keep our food safe.  By creating perfect corn, and perfect agriculture.  Now if that was the case then I would not be covering it here in such a fashion.  The case is that most of this companies products are absolutely horrible.  I make this argument because Monsanto genetically modified stuff destroys anything and everything it comes into contact with.  This can be said even about its genetically modified corn, soy, and grain products.

“This is an good article by the national fork that talks about how Monsanto very well dominates the market now.”

“Massive Shock due to a recent study on lab rats who ate Monsanto’s GMO corn.”

“GM products getting investigated due to concerns”

“Russia banning GMO corn”

“Earlier this year with Hungary destroying Monsanto GMO corn fields.”

I always knew that the Monsanto GMO there was something extremely fucked up about them.  But it was until I had seen these pictures of the results of the GMO corn on the mice that had been tested on.  My jaw had dropped, and my eyes had opened very wide.

“A picture of the crazy tumors found on these mice.”

“Another article going into greater detail about the issue.”–cause-organ-damage-early-death-humans.html

Before this was a major bombshell and mind you that this had dropped about a couple of weeks ago.  A few months ago someone had written article about Monsanto BT corn producing super bugs and how the genetically modified corn harms human health.

“Monsanto BT corn-breeding super bugs and harming human health.”


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