Alex Jones True Colors Are Exposed Again

“Before we begin, I made a request for my friend to make a video related to yesterday’s post and he ended up making the video.    Check this out, and make sure to check out some of his other content.”

Wowsers there is a lot of Alex Jones related material buzzing around especially in the last few weeks.  And something that I have found interesting is his latest PREDICTION, that World War 3 is supposedly is going to happen on the 25th of this month.  So, oh shit that is 3 days away!!!  I better buy is much gold,  buy as many info wars dvd’s, and buy as many vitamins as I can before it is too late!  This is getting beyond the level of fear mongering,  it is now getting serious.  Here is the interview below that Alex is having with Dr. Steve Pieczenik.

“Their interview where the fear mongering keeps going on.”

Now I have done some searches looking up some interviews had done involving this Dr Steve Pieczenik, and I have found this interview they did in 2011.

“MUST MAKE VIRAL,  WORLD WAR 3 TO BEGIN ON OCTOBER 21 2011!!!” (Skip to 50:37 and hear Alex’s Intellectual Statement)

Wow what do you know,  what a shock.  They predicted world war 3 last year, around the same time!!!  Instead they only went, 1 month and 4 days behind this year.  Do you know what this means, this means that Alex Jones is repeating himself.

I had found an article that is more elaborative of what Dr Steve Pieczenik is saying about his September 25-26 prediction.  But all I know is that it is very likely hog wash.  Based upon my analysis of just the last year,  with the issue of Iran lingering.   Alex had made a ridiculous amount of predictions inferring that the third world war was imminent to try to fear monger his gullible audience.

“This is the link to the article, read for yourself and make your own evaluation.”

The likelyhood of Israel being as cocky and arrogant of making the first strike is not out of the question.  Though I feel personally that it would be their own countries suicide if they where to do so.  And knowing our very own Zionist Neo Con friend Prime Minister Netabyahu.  And his cockiness and arrogance, that it is not out of the question.  But I would not believe the doctor, based relatively upon the fact that they had made the same exact prediction almost one year before hand.

Also another factor is that, Obama is not wanting to get into any kind of involvement with Israel in an Iran War.  And  I am starting to see more of the good side to Obama, is that if he is ignoring Netabyahu’s blood thirst.  Then we can start to see that Obama is probably not that bad of a guy after all.  And remember kiddies,  Mitt Romney wants to destroy Iran and support Israels occupation of the Middle East.  Meanwhile Obama, is probably not very keen into getting in another conflict.  And he still has the mess that Bush and Cheney left in their 8 year rain of terror over the United States.

We have to also consider for a minute here that Obama is still going to be in power for the next 2 months, and is very likely to win the election.  Because who in the hell really wants crazy Mormon under wear crazy Mitt as their president anyways?  So is Obama doing this to try to save face before the election, or is he actually setting his foot down against Israel.  And judging on how butt hurt Netabyahu is getting, Obama had put his foot down.  We can also see their past relationship, on how Obama has not been on the same page as Netabyahu for a good amount of time now.  So is all of this demonetization of Obama really worth it?  He is at least doing something right, and that he is flipping the bird to Netabyahu.

Obama cannot really afford another war on his plate, because the situation in the middle east is getting more out of control as the day’s go on.  So lets hope in the next 4 years, that the change we have all been hoping for happens.

But speaking of out loony toon friend, Alex Jones lets jump to his demonetization of Obama anyways.

The Obama Deception is pretty spot on about some of the things about Obama has done and the promises that he has not fulfilled with in the first term of his position as president in the united states.  But if he really believes in the NWO,  then look at what happened to Kennedy for a minute by the Shadow Government when he went against them.  He ended up getting his fucking head blown off, and that was just defying the shadow government.  If Alex Jones actually had some creditably, maybe Obama is not doing all of the things that he was elected to do because they pretty much told him when he got in that he was going to play or die.    And sure enough knowing the man that Barrack Obama is, he is not really looking forward to leaving his daughters fatherless.  Also we have to remember who Obama succeeded, Bush Junior.    And we all know the mess that asshole left behind for everybody.   And anyways, Ron Paul is now out of the race so we have to choose between Obama or Mitt.  I am going to vote for Obama, because I would rather stick with the devil that I know than the devil that I do not.

This almost makes me wonder about Alex’s true intentions, because he seems to always jump on board when something scandalous is going on with Obama.  But when his Zionist puppet masters get mentioned, he flips the script over to Obama is the one to blame.  Silly Alex, don’t you know that Presidents don’t control the country.  But it is actually the current Republican held congress, that had been giving Obama problems since the gecko.   And congress pretty much quit until the end of the election, so what the hell are Americans suppose to do.  Congress is a god damn joke, and you monkeys should quit buying into this hog wash.

This information is also thanks to Faux Capitalism article on Alan Watts discovery on Alex Jones,

Alan Watt, a frequent guest on the Alex Jones show pretty much since 2006.  Well I had discovered a recording indicating that Alan Watt pretty much a few months before he first appeared on Alex’s Show that says that Alex Jones is a fear monger.

“Alan Watt appearances on the Alex Jones Show most recent being April of 2012.”

“Alan Watt says straight out that Alex Jones is a fear monger.”

Ironically this was recorded like I said in my previous statement just a few months before his first appearance in August of 2006 according to the video.  And over whelming amount of evidence now is indeed coming out that Alex Jones is a fear monger, even by his own guests that appear frequently.  The Alex Jones house of cards’ is indeed starting to fall.

Another discovery thanks to Faux Capitalism post on his website Alex had cancelled with Dr. Steve Pieczenik that they where supposed to have on the 18th.  Because I just found Steve’s twitter feed, and I saw this screenshot.

Another discovery that I had also made on the guy’s blog about Alex cancelling

More and more overwhelming evidence also that Alex’s Zionist sponsors have absolute control over his program is indeed becoming more apparent.  Maybe Dr. Steve Pieczenik is onto something, and may be correct.  Not necessarily on how he is pulling predictions out of a hat, but on certain points regarding the obvious elephant in the room with Israel PM’s war mongering of Iran.  But  I am not going to believe everything I am going to hear,  all I know is that something is obviously up if Alex cancels the interview on the 18th after having him just on the 16th.

Alex is all smoke and mirror’s and the more and more that comes out as the time goes on about his true colors is becoming very over whelming for the info wars warrior I am starting to think.   Alex defiantly has an agenda, and his audience should not be such sheep and they should come to terms that Alex is not the good guy in the situation.  But he is only a very well disguised wolf, in Shepherds clothing.

We all should be aware of these type of people, and people should not be so gullible into believing Alex’s line.  I will not rest until Alex is completely 100% exposed.

 Stay frosty, and stay tuned ladies and gentlemen more to come real soon!  


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