Pat Condell The Zionist Shill

“His Zionist Views”

Now I had come a crossed some what of an interesting person the other day that my friend introduced to me.  And it is a guy by the name of Pat Condell.  He is to me the pinnacle of a Zionist.   He has an set of ideology that is completely and utterly obviously based upon the predicate that all Muslims want all Jews to be destroyed.  And this is merely and utterly false, because the fact is that when you label everyone with the extremist brush.  Then you are indeed distorting the facts to serve purpose to your own agenda.  And his agenda is to spread anti Islam propaganda, and pro-Zionist propaganda.  Now don’t get me wrong about the term “Zionism.”  When I use the term,  I am not necessarily going to say that all Zionists are Jews.  Because matter of fact, that is indeed false.  Anyone with a radical ideology, who is looking for the death or genocide of any people or race is indeed a self serving Zionist.  This applies to Christians, Catholics, Mormons, Muslims,  Jews,  Atheists,  Agnostics, pretty much everybody.

Now I respect his right of free speech, but he is spreading disinformation,hate,and propaganda of support of the occupation of Palestine by Israel.   Also, he supports the constant destruction of Palestine by Israel.  Scratch that anti- Jew shit, and how about look at the anti-Muslim shit also.

“Israel solders try to blow up a Palestine radio station”

“Some more instances of Israeli State terrorism”                Read about the USS Liberty Cover up

Also another great example

The Ethnic Cleansing Of Palestine (1948)

These are all just a few examples of the state of Israels constant terrorism against its neighbors in the middle east.  They have the tenancy to play victim, and the gullibility and Zionist money in the west tends to believe their little lap dog.  Now we have to examine how come these radical Islamic groups are so against the state or Israel and we have to look at this rationally.  This is because they had committed constant acts of terror to its neighbor, Palestine for about 60 years.  And also constant acts of terror against their neighbors, for the reason for power and control.   And when the Muslims get pissed off, we call them crazy towel head extremists.  And we go and drone them in their homes, as a response.

Now lets put you in the situation that your neighbor is constantly taking pieces of your property.  Firebombing your house when he see’s fit, kills your roommates just because they go over and complain.  Calls the neighborhood to attack you, and makes just a bunch of noise.  And wants to see your extermination, so they can build an extension of their house on your land.   I think you would be a pretty cynical mother fucker also.  Now this doesn’t put the Islamic extermination in the right, because even though they are being oppressed.  Does not excuse the fact they too are taking lives of innocent people.  And come to realize that the people or Israel do not actually agree with their governments actions against Palestine or their governments actions matter of fact.

“A video of the Young Turks made on a poll”

Now as a Canadian American,  I do not agree with my government either.  Matter of fact, most of the legislation that is passed is made to hurt me.  And in support of private lobbyist firms.   So if we apply this position if I was in Israel, then I would be thinking the same thing about my government.  I think the saying; “I fear not my country but my government” applies here.  The two state solution can work, but the government of Israel does not want to happen because in my mind I believe that they want conflict. Even though their people do not,  it is the same as the United States and Canada.

“How he defends justifies Israeli terror again”

He is right but he is wrong, because he only focus’s on the Arab leadership.  He doesn’t even take a minute to consider the fact that if Israel has more blame than really that meets the eye.  Because who is really preventing peace between the two countries.  Now I am not going to argue this, but I think they both have something to do with it equally.  Both parties are not in the right, and I am going to place the blame only on both leaderships.  Because the fact is that them not making peace, they are not representing the people as they should be.  So neither party is in the right here, at least in my mind.

Pat Condell is very ideological, and this is what makes him an Zionist.  He is always going to play the, feel sorry for Israel card, even though they are not in the right at all.  He is very anti-Arab, and it is obvious when you watch his content.  And this is a rather recent phenomenon in the United States and Canada in the last decade since September 11th.  I think racism or discrimination of anybody is wrong no matter what,  now I do not believe in getting locked up for it.  Because face it,  he has his right to freedom of speech.  And I agree with the point he made in the video below, that if you don’t like something that someone say’s that you shouldn’t resort to violence.   And this goes and this is aimed to both parties, and all parties.  He is anti-Islam to the depths of hell, and we have to take the consideration that he is just plain idiotic and is just spouting off stuff with no evident research behind him.  Just plain air headed, and inconclusive logic behind it.

“His thoughts on the Islamic Uprisings”

The Islamic uprisings are all smoke and mirrors, and realize that most of these countries that are having these uprisings are due to the fact that the Mossad are playing their games again over there.  And also that these are in most of the nations that are now destabilized due to the Muslim brotherhood occupation of these nations.   Patt had even stated in an earlier video that extremists Muslim groups had taken over these countries after the Arab Spring.  But look into why and how the Arab Spring happened, and realize that it was all a well put together coup in order to overthrow the current governments in charge.    But the new crazy ideological Zionist Muslims aren’t playing ball, so now they have to try to fuck things up further.  Patt do a bit of research before you speak.

“Israel State Fascist Television Views and their insult of Jesus Christ”

“Israeli Talk Show Insults Jesus And Mary”

Time and time again the state of Israel shows its true colors.  And the Zionists love to provoke violence, but lets not.  Instead lets all do something that the Zionists hate, and is love, respect, and accept each other.  And ignore the hateful, and the ignorance.  And lets just all learn to love each other, instead of hate each other.


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