Falling Below The Best- Generation Z

In America and in Canada especially, we are seeing a recurring trend among our youth today.   And this is a youth that is intolerable, disrespectful, inept, and just plain oblivious to reality.

Now how do I know such things about today s youth, well I am among the few that see both sides of the fence on this issue.   Now I have done some independent research on the current generation (Generation Z), and I see that most of my peers are not prepared for the rigorous challenges that the real world has to offer.  Due to the fact that it will disrupt the logic of the fantasy that most of them live in.   The fantasy regarding on how it is cool to be stupid and inept.  How it is acceptable to be disruptive and disrespectful to the people around them, and be completely oblivious to education.

These all tie with in each other, because how come is Generation Z like this per say?  Where would many of you place the blame for this?  Well what I would have to say is that I would place the blame in these sectors, the parents, the media, and most importantly the educational system.  All of these do intermingle because they all play a role in our problem here.  In order to understand the solution, we must first understand the problem.  And the problem to me at least, is quite apparent.

                                                   Section I

                                                The Parents:

Now before anyone says that the parents are not the problem it is the kids I am going to say this.  You have responsibility no matter what you have to say.  Though regardless of that, the parents are to blame because parenting is essential no matter the popular belief.   Now this process is a very careful and delicate process, because if anything comes to disrupt it then you are pretty much fucked.   And I have meet a lot of people that have messed up homes and messed up lives, that have turned out pretty bad because they hadn’t been prepared with the tools necessary.  Now the parents may say,  well we haven’t been given the proper tool either.  And this may be true to a degree, because parents are not allowed to exercise much authority anymore without child protective services, or the gestapo being called on them.

Though the fact is that, if you don’t want you kids to be messed up in the head, then you are going to have to show some type of authority no matter what.  I am not promoting hard core beatings or any of that kind of shit, but if you kid is outta line then give the kid a good smack just to straighten his/her ass out.   Now if you let yourselves be pacifistic,  and tolerant of bad behavior, then your kid is obviously is not going to get the conception that what he is doing is incorrect.   And this actually enables your child to grow up, and to become like an out of control, and oblivious menace to society.

Because of a lack of authority this is probably why our current generation is growing up to become mindless criminals  And sure this may be acceptable to those who are running the indoctrination and prison camp’s, though to any parent with a love for their child, then of course they don’t want their child to ensue that type of torture.    So do the right thing, and with you kid at least have some type of parental authority.  And your kid is not going to fear you for exercising some type of authority when he or she gets out of line.  Now if you are beating your kid, and doing horrible things like that then of course you kid is going to fear you and I am not promoting that.

Another point I would like to make, is based upon the fact that parents tend to neglect their kids.  And this is bad no matter on how anyone looks at this, because a child needs to be seen as an equal, and needs to have some sort of affection and attention.  No matter what, you need to be there for your kids, irregardless of the circumstance.  It would help if you where to talk to them,  and be willing to share wisdom and converse with your kids.  Because without this,  you child will feel alone and isolated.  And your child may take drastic measures and results to try to get that attention.  Or they will try to substitute that attention through other venues that are not to the positive but to the negative result.    There can never be too much love, and affection no matter on how some want to try to defend their actions against their own children.

Parents also have to realize that you kids will observe and emulate your behavior.   And if you have positive, or negative behavior then of course they are going to act upon it positively or negatively.   Try to remain positive, kind, and polite around your children because they will share those same attributes and characteristics.  Now there is room for failure, because we all cannot be like this 24/7 because no one is perfect.  But try your best to be positive role models.  Have a controlled and stable environment with a balance, because that is the way it is the best.  Because too much of one thing is bad, no matter what.  So remain to have order and balance, and don’t cause order out of chaos.

We have covered,  Authority, Love, Attention, Stable Behavior.  We can now move on onto one of the most important traits of parenting, and is that you have to educate you child yourself.  Now if you are going to rely on the failing school systems of North America to do so, then inherently your logic is indeed flawed.  Because the fact is that you have to be able to teach your child something beyond what the school can teach.  Because face the facts, when you become a parent.  That is the day that you unequivocally, become a teacher to your child.  So educate your child to the best of your ability.  And start from youth, because the best and most essential lessons are taught from youth.   Education is the one that is the most heavily weighed in this factor, because without your kid will be prone to indoctrination, by people that have an evil agenda.

                                                                          Section II

                                                             The Education System

Lets now get into the most important factor of a Child s development, and is the educational process.  No matter what, in life the most important thing is to have a good education.  And the current system that our government provides today, is quite poor and inadequacy at best.   And the education system to me, seems to be more determined and set to place you for failure rather than success.  I make this claim because most teachers do poorly in educating their students successfully.  And rather than actually discipline them, they pacify them and they do not exercise the proper precautions.  And teachers do their jobs poorly, because of the fact is that the administration that administers them that is controlled directly by the government.  Is doing a poor job of providing teachers with the correct and fundamental skills.

No matter what, teachers are essentially nannies to students that have to supervise them from 8-3,  and has to follow a broken curriculum.  And another issue, and this is especially with the essential departments, Mathematics, Sciences, and English.  Has a poor and third rate curriculum that does not actually teach you the skills at hand.  But rather are designed to confuse people, and lead them down a road of failure and inadequacy, and this is not correct.  And when this is instilled, students when they tend to get older abandon and lose faith in the educational process and choose to quit learning in life.  And this leads to failure, because once you lose faith and quit being willing to learn and expand your mind.  You prone your self to failure, rather than success.

You can home school your kids, but the problem is that when you kids get older they will lack the social attributes necessary in order to converse and to be able to talk to other people.  And they will also lack,  the ability to be able to deal with issues regarding other people.  So this is why parents should strive, and fight for their kids to have a good educational system.  This can be substituted though if you choose to have home schooling.  But it will have to under go a careful, and an essential process.

                                                                             Section III

                                                                              The Media

As a current media literacy, marketing, student I have learned that the media is a business.  And its main motivation is to inherently make money.  Because profit is the most important venue, no matter the amount of content or value the content has.  Still, profit is the most important factor.  When you understand this, you know that the media is not necessary a friend to you or your child.  In a capitalistic society, anything goes and do as much as you can get away with.  And this is sure the media’s agenda, and people tend to try to spin it into the media isn’t a soulless and heartless corporation.  And this is untrue, because it is an corporate entity.

And it’s intent, like any corporation is to sell stuff to you.  If it being propaganda, merchandise, or what ever it maybe.  Keeping your child clean of the media is probably the most difficult thing to do today, because the fact is that it is very hard to.  And what is easier to do,  actually have interaction with your child or just throw him or her in front of a television.  Now there is some programming out there that has good intentions, but the fact is that the vast majority of programming is the opposite of that.

How come do you think stuff like Justin Bieber, or Rihanna have the ability to sell tickets and indoctrination the youth.  Of compeltely ludicrous and idiotic views.

Justin Bieber’s song of trying to sell you the shallow infatuation take on love.

Rihanna’s Song of pagan and occult symbolism.  And promotion of inappropriate sexual behavior.

Lil Waynes Song Of Occult Symbolism, along with promotion of use of drugs.

Wiz Khalifa Teaching You Kids The Essentials 

The Jersey Shore Gang Promoting Appropriate Behavior

16 And Pregnant (Self Explanatory)

Toddlers & Tiaras Expiation Of Young Girls And Promotion Of Bad Behavior

And I can go on and on all day, posting a lot of this type of garage that is aimed at younger audiences.  But face it, the spell of the zionest is indeed evident in these shows.  So keep your kids away from that garage, because it does have a bad effect.  Because these shows do deliver negative messages to younger audiences.  And are aimed to the indoctrination the youth of America and Canada.


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