Know Your Enemy

This series is a very informative series on pretty much anything and everything regarding everything relevant and prevalent today.  And it is all into the Christian perspective.  As I am typing this I am on the 35th part of the series of videos, and it has taken me all night to get that far.  If you have some time on your hands go through this playlist and go through all of the videos in their entirety.  It is worth it at the end of the journey it looks like.


These type of things I have always found very interesting, and this perspective is incredibly interesting indeed.   I have never really seen this approach taken on the concept of the new world order.  And this is essentially a re-telling of events of the bible, and how they relate to today.   If you are one that is not into the bible and all of that Christian doctrine, I suggest you watch this anyways.  Because even though you can interprate the bible in anyway.  He just reads the verses, and then goes into the references into that verse.   I only promote this because it is very elaborate, and very descriptive. Along with it is very well put together, and as an former Roman Catholic growing up.  Very accurate regarding the Roman Catholic church around part 23,  that is why I left the Roman Catholic church.  I  am going to elaborate into greater detail another time, but this kinda sum’s up some of  the corruption in that church.

Keep an open mind when watching this, and notice that there are a lot of trends today that follow the same arbitrary patterns.  And it is all an constant battle, between God and Lucifer.

There are 70+ parts to this, so this will probably take more than one sitting to watch. Because this series is actually really really long, and unlike anything else I have seen yet.

“PART 1”


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