Now what is on the mind of the typical American and Canadian person.  Good free will towards all men? The doom and gloom of society? Solutions to any of societies problems?

 How to stop the regimes that rule our nations?  Freedom, peace and prosperity?  No, what is usually on the mind of the average American and Canadian would be Sex, and Drugs.  Now how come are these things always on a lot of our minds today some people might come to ask.  Well here are a couple of reasons I see why,  it is very likely because of how the media tends to propagate these things to the masses.  And since people are very easily influenced and gullible.  It is not very hard to get people on the mind set to think about these things most of the day.  Now what is wrong with Sex, and Drugs?  Well the reality is nothing is matter with them,  in small percentages and quantities they will not harm you or kill you.  Though the thing is that, when all you mind is fixated on is those particular things, and that is all you really act upon in a day.  It really shows just a lack of accomplishment and self worth if you have to ask me.  Now the sheep monkeys that walk the streets as mindless zombies are typically influenced very easily by anything with a suit and a smile on its face.  And they will buy any crock even though how big it is, even though the ramifications and the consequences of that crock.

And what is an easy way to control people, through drugs of course.  Because with drugs you are unable to operate normally.  And because of this, most of the time you are just laying there feeling awesome.  Not caring about anything else in the world, except for that feeling of awesomeness of course.  Most of society is essentially doped up with something, and lets even take illegal drugs out of the equation.   Almost half of Americans are on atleast one type of prescription drug alone.

And I am sure just about everyone had at least tried some type of illegal drug one time in their life.  Along with the amount of people that drink and that are alcoholics is almost appalling.  Now why do people feel so sick and bored here that we as a society have to resort to drugs for the answers to all of our problems in life.  How come that except for actually finding real solutions to our problems, we instead turn to the bottle of whiskey, or tablet of oxi cotton?  The truth is that, what is easier for an stupid person to do?  Think about something and give critical thought, or pick up a tablet and get fucked up?  Well if you don’t know the answer to that question, then I cannot help ya.  But besides the matter, the facts are quite concrete at this point.  Also lets consider that drugs are anything that make the dopamine receptors go off in the brain.  What makes the dopamine receptors in the brain typically go off?  Well when ever you feel good or something nice happens, it is a natural reaction in the brain.  That makes you be able to feel that good high that you need to get through the day to day grit.   And it could be applied to when you accomplish a paper, or your thesis, or homework, or get an award, pass a test.  Or even when you eat, drink, have sex, listen to music, anything like that.  And when you are feeling that good vibe, why make it stop?  Isn’t it better to feel good forever in a day, rather than feel good every once in a while.

So drugs get thrown in the equation, and because of this people tend to become addicted to those type of things.  And it becomes a quagmire, when a large portion of your society consist of mindless junkies.  Or does it?  The reality is that the more mindless drone zombies there are, society becomes easier to control.  And the easier control they have, the less freedom there is.  And eventually the society is no better than any run of the muck DICKtatorship.  And these things tend to control the mind and take people over, I have watched it happen to few of my friends through out the years.  And I feel that things that really do change some people, because some people just cannot stop chasing the purple dragon. And because of this, these people are stuck in a vicious cycle for the rest of their lives until the quit or die.  And when they decide to quit, a significant portion of time passes by.  And they very likely just relapse back into the life.  I am not anti-drug because matter of fact is that I am pro-marijuana.  And I feel that no drug should have to be regulated by the law, unless it kills people.  Then in that case, keep it the hell a way from me.

“I don’t know why I linked this, when I think of weed and drugs I think of this song by Eminem that I enjoy.”

In conclusion people are stupid and depressed because that is the way that we have been de-evolved down to the standard of teenage kids.  And because the economy sucks, and we all live in just about the same misery and times just suck currently.  I don’t blame the people that feel that is the easy way to cope with the way things are.  But keep a critical brain, and know that without you the movement dies.



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