Month: September 2012

Alex Jones True Colors Are Exposed Again

“Before we begin, I made a request for my friend to make a video related to yesterday’s post and he ended up making the video.    Check this out, and make sure to check out some of his other content.”



Mark Dice Exposes Alex Jones The Tasty Tangerine Episode

Since all of you liked my post about Alex Jones a few weeks back.  I have decided to make a follow up on it, since something had caught my eye with in the last few weeks.  And its that a man by the name of Mark Dice, had picked a fight with Alex Jones over some dispute the both of them had a while back.  And due to the result of Alex the censor.  Blocked Mark Dice from his YouTube page, and now the fight is on.


Know Your Enemy

This series is a very informative series on pretty much anything and everything regarding everything relevant and prevalent today.  And it is all into the Christian perspective.  As I am typing this I am on the 35th part of the series of videos, and it has taken me all night to get that far.  If you have some time on your hands go through this playlist and go through all of the videos in their entirety.  It is worth it at the end of the journey it looks like.