9/11 Skeptic Verses Conspiracy, Official Documents And More!!!


9/11 has been a subject of debate for the last 11 years now.  And many people have different views and opinions about the events that have transpired on that September morning.   Now the whole conspiracy at least in my mind is silly, in the point of view that there is not just one concrete theory out there that the truther’s cannot agree on.    There are multiple conspiracies that I have heard that regard September 11th.

  • The planes are missiles
  • The planes are predator drones
  • The Buildings where rigged
  • Bush did it
  • The Israelis did it
  • Happened because it was an excuse to invade Afghanistan for its resources
  • Happened because it was an excuse to invade Iraq for its oil
  • Happened so that the gold that was in the World Trade Center could be stolen
  • It Happened around the time that the man who owned the towers, put an insurance claim on the towers.  So if the towers where destroyed, he would get a huge cash sum due to the destruction of his property.
  • The government knew about it, before it even happened.
  • CIA was behind it
  • Building 7 proves the conspiracy
  • Osama Bin Laden is not real

Now these are just a few of the snippets that I have heard over time.  And the theories regarding the September 11th attacks, and some of these may be deemed as plausible.  Isn’t it just too elaborate of a plan, and conspiracy to try to cover up and hide?   Now the attacks I agree are very suspicious, and there is something fishy about them.    Though I feel like I am on the fence about the whole conspiracy verses not conspiracy.  Because of how ill regular the event was compared to many in history.  And how it is fact that after 9/11 America changed a lot, to become more of a police state.   And also to invade Iraq, and Afghanistan and to begin the American & NATO occupation of the middle east.

I am not here to debunk of conspiracies because there are other people that have already debunked the September 11th conspiracies.   And here are a few sites that go against many of the September 11th conspiracies that you should check out.


This site is jam packed full of information regarding various conspiracies that have been cooked up by truthers.  I suggest give it a look and a read, because how the conspiracies are debunked is actually quite interesting.  


This is another site that debunking911 is promoting that also should be checked out.


Here is also the famous popular mechanics debunking of the 911 conspiracy.

Now I have given a few sources to the skeptics of the September 11th conspiracies.  And the debunkers of the September 11th conspiracy theories. I am going to be fair and I am going to give you some sources of the people supporting the September 11th conspiracies.  And believe it is a cover up,a lie, a scam, along with fraud and deception.


A site that has their proof and evidence supporting their claims that it is an conspiracy and a cover up.


A popular site for conspiracies called info wars, where you can find information regarding the September 11th conspiracy.  


A site that dedicated to the whole September 11th conspiracy.

My personal opinion regarding all of the information that I have acquired over the years on both sides about the September 11th attacks is this.  The attacks where odd in the aspect that the twin towers are the only buildings in history that have collapsed due to an airliner jet crashing into them.  Now I do not believe that it is not possible that a building cannot collapse due to airliner jet crashing into it.  But I am only saying that it is odd, that this is one of the only instances in history that I can at least find of this happening.  I also believe that it would of been in the best interest of the American government to have those buildings knocked down.  So you can fill the peoples heads up with plenty of propaganda, to get them fired up about going and invading the middle east. And murdering well over 5,000,000+ civilians in Afghanistan.   And murdering well over 1,000,000+ civilians in the invasion of Iraq.   And the result of the invasions putting Iraq and Afghanistan in disarray, and complete civil chaos.  In order to extract the countries resources for corporate profit.


5.6 million death static, probably couldn’t list the “.” between 5&6 cause the url wouldn’t allow it.  


1 million death static from the Iraq war.  

Now 9/11 conspiracy or not, still had an impact on the American peoples judgement.  And because of this had resulted in these catastrophic wars of mass destruction and genocide.   I also feel that the probability of the explosives being planted the towers could be a possibility.  Because if you look close at the towers, you can even see parts of the towers exploding just before the towers had even got struck.  And before the towers have even collapsed, and looking at the amount of time that it had even taken for the towers to collapse.  Sort of support the indication that it could be a distinct possibility, that explosives in the towers could of had a role into how the towers where demolished to begin with.    And looking at various sources, it is confirmed that the government had recolication of a possible attack.    But the government was very unlikely to be sure of the scenario that was going to take place on that date, of where the planes where going to hit.


A site called,  Bush Knew Before 911 is just a bit of a source of the possibility of George Bush knowing about 911 before 911.  

So the event in general I suspicious of a possible cover up, but at least in my mind that it could be an elaborate conspiracy and plot.  So the possibility will be open always in my mind,  but I will not follow blindly in belief.  Because the facts are in the documents that get released from the official sources.  Here are links to the recently released CIA documents regarding September 11th.


“National Security Archive Electronic Briefing Books provide online access to critical declassified records on issues including U.S. national security, foreign policy, diplomatic and military history, intelligence policy, and more.  Updated frequently, the Electronic Briefing Books represent just a small sample of the documents in our published and unpublished collections.”


The Central Intelligence Agency’s 9/11 File

Top Secret CIA Documents on Osama bin Laden Declassified

National Security Archive Electronic Briefing Book No. 381

Posted – June 19, 2012

Edited by Barbara Elias-Sanborn with Thanks to Archive Senior Fellow Jeffrey T. Richelson

For more information contact:
Barbara Elias-Sanborn – 202/994-7000

And like in Biggie Smalls song Juicy,

 “And if you know, know you know, nigga”

The YouTube video featuring the song by Biggie Smalls.

I would also suggest everyone out there would check out wikileaks, because how these are actual confirmed documents,  wiretapping’s,  and leaks that come directly from the government sources.  And that get leaked by various whistle blowers with in the system.  The site wikileaks.org is currently down right now,  but go check out their Facebook page


And when the site gets resurrected from being DDOSed.


Now what does wikileaks have to do with September 11th, well there are wiretapping’s and documents of conversations about the attacks.  And also documents leaked about the attacks that people need to go check out.  If the site was not down I would give some links going to a few of the documents and conversations.   But  I am unable to at the moment.

Wikileaks also is host to many documents that are being leaked about the Obama administration.  And also hosts many documents and leaks about various other activities happening with in our own government.

Now decide for yourselves because I am not going to sway you to go, one way or the other.   Make your own determinations on these events…

Have a good day, and thank you for reading!


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